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Intellekt Ghana


  • Intellekt Ghana

    Intellekt Ghana (IG) was initiated to address the huge educational inequality amongst the youth in Ghana. It is a social leadership movement that exists to curb this inequality as a result of the cycle of poor quality teaching and learning in our deprived community public basic schools.

    IG recruits graduates from tertiary institutions with strong academic background and leadership capacity, whether or not they have planned to teach or have taken education courses. The interest would be in persons who have the potential to be effective leaders in the classroom. They could be persons that have not considered a career in teaching. These recruits will participate in an eight (8) week leadership training to prepare them for placement in these high need schools. The graduates must be willing to commit a minimum of two years to teach in this high need public basic schools and become long-term advocates working within and outside the educational sector to address the root causes of this educational inequality in Ghana.

  • Math & Science Clinic for Girls

    Math & Science Clinic for Girls is a programme centered towards an action plan held to inspire girls in rural communities to be interested in math and science. This will improve the number of girls who take the study of science in our universities.