Anne-Marie Blackmore

Founder | Trustee

Anne-Marie is a highly motivated individual who is passionate about organizational excellence and social work. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated leadership and championed causes in youth empowerment, strategic planning and partnership building, among others.

She worked with The BEIGE Foundation (TBF) in 2016. At TBF she was responsible for orchestrating innovative programs that illustrated the ideals of BEIGE. During that time, she championed the Youth Excellence League (YEL) initiative; a project that sought to empower over one thousand (1000) exceptional talents across Ghana. Her portfolio as the Programs Director of The BEIGE Foundation covered multiple sectors ranging from promoting youth excellence, talent development, entrepreneurship and support for the less privileged. Youth empowerment remains central in her agenda.

Anne-Marie joined BEIGE in 2012 and held a variety of technical, management and business leadership roles throughout her career. She began as a Business Development Specialist carrying out functions in Research Methods and developing new business ideas. After, her roles progressed and was given more responsibility within the Business Development Unit. She moved to a finance position and then was appointed a Brands Partner for the Brands & Communications Unit of the Company. She also sat as a member of the BEIGE Academy Council.

Prior to joining BEIGE, she worked with Tometi Legal Consult and some charity organizations, contributing to her wealth of experience in this field.

Anne-Marie holds a BSc in Business Management from Ashesi University College, Ghana