Dr. Fidel Owusu Agyei


Dr. Fidel Owusu-Agyei is a professional in business consultancy. He has successfully created and managed over ten (10) businesses in the last five (5) years. He is a highly motivated and results-oriented individual who believes in excellence and has held a variety of leadership roles throughout his career and his walk with God.

Dr. Owusu-Agyei is passionate about building individuals especially the youth, to realize their full potential to become powerful and exude excellence.

He worked at Padu Soft Drinks in Cape Coast, Ghana, as a Technical Supervisor and Lead for 5years. During this period, he gained a wealth of expertise and experience for the job market. He proceeded to build Narkobs Consult where he coached individuals on the rudiments for business development and excellence. At the same time, he provided services to the Sachet Water Industry, where he stood as the sole agent supplying the Automated Packaging Machine to both Central and Western Regions, Ghana. He was also the sole agent in the distribution and retail of fuel saving devices from Fuel Max, USA. He further worked with Class Farm Limited, Ghana, as Marketing Manager where he led the business to become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in under two (2) years.

Dr. Owusu-Agyei has a wealth of experience in politics.  In year 2004, he was the Chairman of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Central Region, Ghana. He was also the Government Appointee for the Cape Coast Municipal Assembly, also in the Central Region of Ghana.

Dr. Owusu-Agyei holds a BSc in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Marketing from the GISMA School of Business, Hannover, Germany. He also holds a doctorate degree in Divinity Studies (Christian Theology). He also holds the title of Count Palatine, a hereditary and transmissible title in men’s and women’s line in perpetuity, from the Princely House – Granducale Lovato, Italy.

He is currently the Chairman for the Adotey Otintor Educational Centre, and the Presiding Prelate of Potter’s Hand Apostolic Mission, Ghana.